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As a pet owner,  you may be curious about microchipping and if it is necessary for your pet. At Morgan Pet Clinic in Omaha, NE, we provide veterinary services, including microchipping. Learn more about the process and its benefits by reading on.


Microchipping Explained

A microchip is a small chip inserted directly under your pet's skin. When scanned, the chip will reveal a serial number associated with your contact information. It is painless to insert, and most pets barely notice when put in. It is often done after spaying and neutering procedures.

Benefits of Microchipping

There are several benefits to microchipping your pet. Microchips can quickly identify your pet at a shelter or animal hospital if they become lost. You don't have to worry about collars that can become lost or worn. There are several unexpected reasons for animals to stray from their homes, and microchipping will ensure your lost pet is returned. Many pet owners opt for a microchip since it is a painless and straightforward procedure.

Additional Microchipping Information

Once the microchip is inserted under the skin, it does not require maintenance. It also does not have any side effects. It's essential to keep your information up to date. This ensures that your pet can be reunited with you should it become lost. You should still use collars for your dog or cat. However, microchips can add extra security if your pet becomes lost. All animal shelters and animal control facilities have microchip scanners on hand, meaning your microchipped pet can easily be reunited with you.

Contact Morgan Pet Clinic in Omaha for Microchipping Services

Microchipping offers the peace of mind that your pet could be returned to you should it become lost. At Morgan Pet Clinic, we have shared the benefits of microchipping with residents of Omaha, NE for many years. Call us today at (402) 895-1001 for more information on microchipping or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.