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Pet Urgent Care

At Morgan Pet Clinic, we have been providing residents of West Omaha, NE, with reliable veterinary services for many years. One service we offer is pet urgent care. If your pet has experienced trauma or otherwise needs prompt medical attention, we are ready to assist you.


What is Veterinary Urgent Care?

In veterinary medicine, urgent care walks the line between emergency care and regular care. Many medical issues need to be addressed quickly. If your pet needs care in the next few days, and your regular vet is booked solid, then going to an urgent care veterinary practice is ideal.

The Difference Between Emergency Pet Care and Urgent Pet Care

The biggest difference between emergency pet care and urgent pet care is the answer to one question – is the pet’s life in danger? If the answer is yes, such as in the case of a traffic accident or other trauma, then emergency pet care is best. If your pet has an ear infection, then your pet needs urgent care.

Why Urgent Care Vet Facilities Are Springing Up

Within the last ten years, there has been a rise in the demand for urgent pet care, both from pet owners and from vets themselves. In the old days, an emergency animal hospital was full of pets with a wide variety of conditions – most of them not life-threatening. Any patient with a non-life-threatening condition had to wait and wait while the pets most at risk of dying were treated. With urgent care, more resources are opened up at emergency vet services for pets with life-threatening health problems.

Emergency Veterinary Services in West Omaha

If you have further questions about urgent care for your pet and live in the West Omaha, NE area, contact Morgan Pet Clinic at (402) 895-1001 to make an appointment today. We offer urgent pet services six days a week.