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Pet Diabetes

In a perfect world, our pets would live forever and be free of all pain and illness. Unfortunately, pets are often susceptible to developing the same types of diseases as their human companions, and diabetes can be a health concern for dogs and cats. The good news is that our veterinarians at Morgan Pet Clinic in Omaha, NE, can help you with early detection of this common health issue for pets and provide you with recommendations for treatment that can prolong your beloved pet’s life. 

pet diabetes

What Are the Signs of Diabetes in Pets?

Being attuned to your pet’s behavior can help you to identify the signs of diabetes earlier. Veterinarians often recommend bringing your pet in for a checkup when they are losing weight despite having a stronger appetite. Your pet might also need to see a vet if they are urinating more than normal and are drinking more water than normal. Pets that experience frequent infections of the skin might also be dealing with diabetes as an underlying cause.

How Will a Veterinarian Treat Pet Diabetes?

The first thing a vet on our team might do is perform a thorough exam that will likely include taking blood samples. The veterinarian may also need to take a urine sample. Once we have a clear diabetes diagnosis, we will help you to understand the treatment options that help to get your pet’s blood sugar levels back under control.

For most dogs and cats, insulin injections are the go-to treatment for diabetes. If your pet needs insulin, then you can learn how to give the injections at our animal hospital. Making sure you are comfortable with handling your pet’s diabetes medications is another important service that we can provide at our animal hospital in Omaha.

What Types of Pet Care Help with Diabetes?

Once your pet has a diabetes diagnosis, a veterinarian on our veterinary team might want to see him more often to monitor the progress of his treatment plan. With continued monitoring, you’ll know when your pet might need an adjustment to his medication. We’ll also help to keep an eye out for complications, such as vision loss, so that we can take the appropriate actions if a new health issue arises.

Bring Your Pet to Our Animal Hospital for a Diabetes Screening from Our Veterinarians

If you suspect that your pet could have diabetes, give our vets at Morgan Pet Clinic in Omaha, NE, a call to schedule an exam and testing. Call us at (402) 895-1001 for pet care from a veterinarian on our veterinary team