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Pet Dental Care

Just like humans, dogs, cats, and other pets require dental care. Here at Morgan Pet Clinic in West Omaha, Nebraska, we provide care to keep your pets' mouths as healthy and clean as possible. Pet dental care reduces the chances of your pet getting gum disease. If you leave your pet untreated, you can expect it to lose its teeth far earlier in life than it should. 

Pet Dental Care

Signs of a Healthy vs. Unhealthy Mouth

Our veterinarian can spot a healthy or unhealthy mouth upon first meeting your pet. Healthy teeth typically lack discoloration and plaque. On the other hand, discoloration, gum inflammation, swelling, and lumps indicate an unhealthy mouth. The tongue also shows symptoms of a healthy or unhealthy mouth. The tongue should be moist, without lumps, and lesion-free.

At-Home Pet Dental Care

Unfortunately, pets can't brush their teeth. That's where you come in! Try getting into the habit of regularly brushing your pet's teeth with a pet-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also buy some treats and toys specially made to clean your pet’s teeth. If you keep up a routine for your pet, it will be better in the long run for you, your pet, and our veterinarian.

When cleaning your pet's teeth at home, make sure you do it when your pet is nice and calm. You don't want a hyper or anxious dog to squirm around and bite you. The best approach is to start on one side of the mouth. Lift the upper lip, use your finger or a pet-friendly toothbrush, and rub gently against the teeth in a circular movement. Make sure to spread the toothpaste evenly and add a touch more to any spotty areas. 

Professional Pet Dental Care

While it's recommended you clean your pet's teeth at least three to four times a week (if not once a day), we understand that this is not always possible. Even if you can, it's always a good idea to occasionally seek out professional pet dental care. Aside from cleaning your pet’s teeth, our veterinarian will examine your pet's entire mouth and let you know if there's anything that needs to be monitored or improved.

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