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Preventative Care

Good care for pets requires more than just feeding and walking. Regular visits to the veterinarian can help ensure that many problems are prevented and minor issues don’t become larger health problems. At Morgan Pet Clinic in Omaha NE, we offer a variety of preventative care services to help keep pets healthy.

Preventative Care

Annual Pet Wellness Exams

It is a good idea to bring your pet in for annual wellness exams if you want to help prevent health problems before they happen. A vet on our team can look over your pet and inform you if there is anything wrong so that your pet can receive treatment.

In-House Diagnostics and Lab Work

We can provide fast results with out diagnostics services so that we can keep your visit quick and simple and so that your pet can get treatment sooner rather than later.


It is not only diseases and health conditions that you have to worry about. Sometimes, simply losing your pet can be the biggest threat to their health. Our microchipping services can ensure that if your pet is found by someone other than you, they can find out your contact information by scanning the chip and return your pet to you.

Pet Dermatology

We provide pet dermatology services to help ensure your pet has proper care for their skin. We can detect skin problems early so that you do not have to worry about them.

Keeping Vaccinations Updated

Immunization from contagious diseases is important for pets. A veterinarian on our team can provide a schedule for keeping your pet’s vaccinations updated to avoid common infectious diseases that spread through the animal community.

Dental Care

The vet can provide teeth cleaning to remove harmful plaque that causes gum disease and tooth loss. Your pet may also need extraction of broken or decayed teeth. Maintaining dental health helps your pet lead a healthier, longer life.

Parasite Prevention

Fleas, ticks and mites can cause discomfort for your pet and can lead to more serious health issues. We can advise you on flea and tick control products that will prevent infestation of your pet and your home. Internal parasites can also undermine pet health. We provide testing and treatment for different types in order to keep your pet safe.

Nutritional Counseling

Part of pet care is ensuring your pet maintains a healthy weight. Many pet health problems are related to obesity, so helping you pet to eat right helps to lengthen life and keep them free of pain.

Visit Us for Prevention Care from Our Animal Hospital

Our veterinarians and staff at Morgan Pet Clinic serving Omaha, NE, make pet health our top priority. Our animal hospital offers a broad range of veterinary services, including microchipping, vaccinations, surgery, dental care, and more. Call us at (402) 895-1001 for an appointment to have your pet checked and to learn more about the preventative care services we offer.