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New Patient Center

We cherish our existing patients and are glad to have formed a bond with them. With that being said, though, we're excited to welcome new patients to our veterinary practice at Morgan Pet Clinic, serving Omaha, NE, and the nearby regions. To make joining our practice more convenient for new patients, we offer a new patient center. And we'd like to take a moment to explain these services.

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Services and Care Explained Online

We understand that you're busy and don't have time to schedule a visit or contact us every time you experience a minor issue with your pet. That's why we offer a detailed review of our services and what they entail, as well as a blog that explains common conditions and their treatments. Not to mention, we regularly cover topics relating to improving your pet's overall health and wellness. With our online information, you can get the answers to all your questions without needing to schedule an appointment or call us directly. 

Convenient Online Forms

Our new patient center includes online forms. These are the forms you typically fill out at your first visit to a veterinary clinic. Typically, we ask patients, in particular first-time patients, to come to our office early to complete the forms. However, when you have access to the forms online, you can fill out these forms before your appointment and don't need to arrive early to fill them out. Moreover, you can complete the forms at your convenience, such as on your lunch break at work or after you put your children to bed at night. This also means you can easily access all the information you need to complete the paperwork accurately and to the best of your ability.  

First-Time Patient Information 

Besides our blog written by veterinary professionals, we have pages dedicated to comparing our veterinary practice to others, like taking a virtual tour. We also have a page specifically for new patients and what they need to bring. This page includes information regarding what you can expect on your first visit. This is particularly beneficial if this is your first pet and you have never had to visit a vet before. In addition, you can find information about paying for your visit. For instance, you can find information about the payment methods we accept.

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