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Pet Allergies

If your pet regularly experiences health conditions like itchy skin or ear infections, your pet could have allergies. Pet allergies usually show up in the pet's ears, eyes, or skin. Bring your pet to Morgan Pet Clinic in Omaha for allergy treatment.

Pet Allergies

What Causes Pet Allergies?

Just like with humans, there are many different causes of allergies in pets. Some of the most common causes include food allergies, flea allergies, and environmental allergies. Pets can be allergic to both proteins and carbohydrates. If your pet has a food allergy, we'll work with you to find the source of the allergy so that you can find a type of food that your pet can safely eat.

Pets that have allergies are often allergic to multiple things. In addition, it's common for pets to experience seasonal allergies, which means your pet's symptoms could be more severe at certain times of the year.

In some cases, your pet might show symptoms that appear to be allergies but are actually caused by another health condition. That's why it's so important to bring your pet in for veterinary care so that it can receive a proper diagnosis.

Treating Pet Allergies

There's no cure for pet allergies, but allergies can be effectively managed. We'll work with you to find the triggers for your pet's allergies so that you can avoid food products or substances that cause your pet discomfort. For pets with flea allergies, it's crucial to find an effective form of flea control. As long as you can keep your pet flea-free, the allergies shouldn't be a problem.

It can be more difficult to avoid environmental allergy triggers, which is why it's common to use immunotherapy to reduce the severity of an animal's symptoms. While it takes some time to see an improvement, immunotherapy can deliver lasting results.

Diagnosing allergies can be difficult, but once you know what your pet is allergic to, you can expect to see a significant improvement in the symptoms. Most pet owners can effectively manage their pet's allergies.

Veterinary Care Can Give Your Pet Relief

If your pet is showing symptoms like itchy skin or watery eyes, or if your pet regularly suffers from ear infections, pet allergies could be the issue. Bring your pet to Morgan Pet Clinic in Omaha so that we can test for allergies and find the best way to help your furry friend. Call our team today at or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.