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Pet Eye Infections

How Vets Can Help with Pet Eye Infections

Vision is crucial for most pets and animals. If you believe your pet is suffering from an eye infection, contact an animal hospital veterinarian immediately. Timely pet care can save you and your companion from trouble later. Also, get the Morgan Pet Clinic in Omaha, NE, to speak with a vet about treatment options for eye infections. 

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Pet Eye Infections and How We Can Help

Pet eye infections are common in pets and occur when the tissues surrounding the eyes become inflamed and irritated due to harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Often, eye infections occur after the watch has been damaged. A scratch or other damage makes it easier for microbes to infiltrate the body.

Ultimately, the causes of pet eye infections can include bacterial or viral infections, allergies, trauma to the eye, foreign objects in the eye, or underlying medical conditions such as immune system disorders. The type of infection will determine the severity of symptoms and the appropriate course of treatment.

A vet at an animal hospital can help pet owners figure out the specifics of their companion's condition by using their experience and education. From there, they can formulate treatment plans.

Obvious Signs of Pet Eye Infections

Some common signs of pet eye infections include redness, swelling, discharge, squinting, and increased tearing of watery eyes. These infections could cause further damage, making eye infections worse. If you think your companion is suffering from an illness, our veterinarians can help.

How Do Veterinarians Treat Eye Infections?

As already mentioned, the cause of the infection is vital for determining the treatment. Treatment for pet eye infections typically involves a combination of antibiotics or antifungal medications, topical treatments such as eye drops or ointments, and in some cases, surgical intervention.

Early treatment is often crucial for getting the infection under control. If you wait, the disease could spread and worsen, increasing the chances of lasting damage. Early treatment increases the chances of a good outcome, and you can save on medical bills.

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Prevention of pet eye infections can include regular cleaning of the eye area, avoiding exposure to irritants or allergens, and maintaining good pet health through a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Contact the Morgan Pet Clinic in Omaha, NE, at (402) 895-1001 to chat with a vet about eye infections.